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Zhongda 8 Meter Paint Booth Diffusion Filter

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Zhongda 8 Meter Ceiling Intake Filter 61" x 107" Set of 6
Part Number: L560611076

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  • Synthetic fiber-based non woven filter products ensure uniform depth loading with optimal low pressure drop performance.
  • 100% saturation with a special adhesive “tackifier” prevents migration of particles down to 5 microns 
  • Gradient density structure ensures uniform laminar air flow throughout the spray booth 
  • Non-discoloring High Temperature scrim backing 
  • Final filtration barrier to paint damaging particles from the air intake stream
  • R0 rating on particle migration 
  • High temperature resistant scrim M5 and M6 efficiencies as per EN 779:2012 DIN-CERTCO Certification and Paint compatibility 
  • “Lacquer Test Certificates” are available on part of the product range 
  • Approved by major automotive manufacturers 

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