When to change your spray booth filters

Most of the time your spray booth manufacture will have a recommended change out time line. Following these guidelines will be a start to when you need to replace your filters.The absolute best option is to have your spray booth service company on a weekly or bi-monthly contract to service your filters but we know this is not an option for everyone.Next best would be to just do it. Every week or ever two weeks just change out your exhaust filters wether they need it or not trust me they do. If you keep up with that simple procedure it will improve your finishing operation. We supply all types of paint arrestor filters 22 gram fiberglass, Paint Pockets, polyester paint arrestor pads and rolls

 The next step will be your pre-filters and post filters if you have them. These filters are often over looked because you can not see them. Pre-filters can usually last about 3 months they don't always get real dirty but the abuse by the air going across them causes damage to the filter.This will lead to filter inefficency and filter failure if left unchecked. Post filters should be change out about every two exhaust filter change outs to keep your booth in top performance. Theis too can cause the same problems as not changing your pre-filters.

 Last are the ceiling or intake filter do not skimp here it will cost you money and lots of it.Use a top proven intake filter by a reliable source.Filtrair has been making filters for spray booth applications since 1965 thats 48 years what a history.This quality filter should last you about one year under normal use.I like to see my customers change their ceiling filters in late spring after the pollen has settled. That will work for most downdraft spray booths. If you have a crossdraft,semi-downdraft or non heated booth using panel filter use the best filter avalible.Filtrair makes panel filters with the same top quality FF560GX filter media. This will give you the longest life of any filter you can buy and that saves you money.When you are use the more economical AFR1,FR1 or Series 55 you will need to monitor you filter efficency more closely. These filters while a great spray booth filter have their limitations and usually do not last as long. In most applications they will last about six months.A premium filter will accually cost you less in the long run and give you better finishing results.

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