A yearly spray booth cleaning is a great way to spruce up the paint shop give the paint team a fresh outlook on their day to day job. It,s always required by the manufacture of the equipment as a regular part of the day to day maintenance to keep it clean.

 Cleaning the over spray from the booth walls makes for cleaner paint jobs that leads to increased productivity. It can be a DIY job with a little hard work and the right equipment it can be completed in just a few hours. 

 If you don't want or can't do it yourself hire a paint booth cleaning crew with a track history of booth cleaning and references. They should have some experience in paint booth operation and maintenance procedures. Contact you local booth service company,they may provide this service or can recommend a company that does.

 Regular spray booth cleanings should be a part of your shop upkeep and maintenance just like keeping the office and bathrooms clean the grass cut you get my meaning. If you have any .questions about spray booth cleanings or booth coating products contact us at Boothfiltersite.com we'll help with any questions you have. 

Dirty Paint Booth

Clean Paint Booth

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