Spray Booth Filter Filtrair's FF560GX Diffusion Filter

 FF560GX Filtrair Filter Media is with out a doubt the best spray booth intake filter on the market toady.Filtrair ceiling diffusion media is a leader and supplier to automotive finishing facilities spray painting operations through out the US and the world.You can find their filter media in leading auto manufacturing facilities,body shops and industrial finishing operations in every state in the US. Filtrair FF560GX filter media is designed to filter out 99% of the damaging 7-10 micron particles with still providing the air flow needed in today's paint booth operations.
 If you are looking a longer service life from your filters try Filtrair's CC 600 G filter media This filter media has a denser fiber structure providing more surface area to improve efficiency and add to the service life of the filter. Filtrair FF560GX or CC600G spray booth diffusion filter is available here by contacting us for a quote include your spray booth make model filter size and count we will be happy to assist you.Or you can see our complete spray booth list at Boothfiltersite.Com. Go to Air Flow Technology for more filter information.

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