The Spot Box by MST is the ideal tool for the paint shop. Use it for spot repair touch ups and small parts painting. No more stopping production loading and unloading the spray booth to finish a small part or spot repair. Spot Box can be moved to the vehicle. Help keep you workers safe and healthy using the Spot Box for finishing small repairs outside of the booth. Simply plugs into a wall outlet for 110V power. With the many options available the Spot Box is a complete work station. 1500 watt infrared kit for curing .A 36" masking kit. A 74" vertical lift kit. A 36" fixed height stand. A spray air interlock for safety. A parts hanger. Add on light fixture with either 4,6 or 8 tubes your choice. With premium intake filtration just like you would find in a top of the line downdraft spray booth the Spot Box is ready for the job. The exhaust filtration is a three stage system for you safety, 1st stage is low resistance paint arrestor found on many spray booths today, second is a pocket filter with double the filter area for long life, third is a proprietary carbon cartridge for remove of the harmful VOC's. That's a 99.84% overall paint arrestance efficiency. All to increase productivity and promote worker health and safety.

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