Do you need to start on a paint booth maintenance program? The answer is most likely yes if you want to maintain the value and performance of one of you shops largest investments. Regular filter changes, belt changes ,burner tune ups are just  the minimum that will keep your booth in top shape. You rely on your paint booth to keep start up and run everyday don't you? It's a money maker. Once a year (or more often depending on the type of booth and filters you use) ceiling filter change are most important to keep optimal air flow and heat transfer. It will decrease curing/baking times in most jobs. Pre or post filter changes follow the manufactures recommendations always. Most booths have one of this type of filter in place You couldn't imagine how many shops don't know they exist.These filters are part of the filtration system and must not be overlooked as they can decrease performance or increase performance if managed correctly. 

Regular belt changes are a must what you don't know can hurt your paint booth operation. You can not see your belts but if they are a year or more in age they need to be replaced. Slipping belts are a major cause of trouble in the booth. Up and down booth pressure hot and cold heat operation are a few symptoms of slipping belts they don't always make noise. Changing them once a year will eliminate almost all of these issues. If possible keep a spare set of belts onsite at all times.

A yearly burner service is critical  to keeping your bake cycles in check. Flame failure is annoying and time consuming. have your burner serviced annually by a certified burner company. Cleaning out the debris that build up is important for efficiency. Installing a new flame rod and spark igniter should be part of the regular tune up.  

As always has all the filters you will need for you annual service requirements.

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