Some employers in large businesses are of the mind that when one makes a mistake the first time, it was really just an expensive learning experience. Where finishing the quality of your products is concerned, a mistake with the spray booth could mean consistent mistakes or a costly learning experience. From finishing costly and huge projects to simply running an assembly line of products through for powder coating, the right spray booth make all the difference. An inferior booth could not only damage one’s bottom line, but also hurt the reputation of the business. In big business, it comes down to making a great first choice so there is no waste of time, money, energy and product. The right booth for your finishing is a preventative measure from losing time and money, as well as preventing the possibility of creating an inferior product.

Professionalism comes into play as well. Whether it is the best workplace safety, working conditions, and tools for your employees or it is an excellent product after a long investment of, possibly, millions of dollars; either way, the chosen manufacturer of your booths will have to be the best in the business to suit your product needs.  But that is only one aspect of professionalism. People are inherently visually judgmental. If something looks good, it is automatically respected a little more.  Yet at the same time, the booth must be functional beyond the measure of any doubt. The spray booth that services your business should be inspected thoroughly by all decision-making people in your business.

The bottom line is:  preventative measures and professionalism. But these rules also apply for hobbyists and small shop owners. There may be a time when someone needs to learn the basics of finishing, and any tools that are short of the best may hinder the learning process. The spray booth chosen will go a long way towards teaching new employees. It may even keep them around if they see the competition works with inferior booths and/or equipment.

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